The Blockchain for Mars.
Let us build the future now, together.

Help bootstrap the colonization of Mars

Currently several attempts are underway to establish the first human colony on Mars. While technologically not impossible, funding for such a monumental project (estimated at 10-30 billion USD) is a major obstacle. If you share our dream of making that first giant step for mankind a reality, then Marscoin might be something for you.

Simply by using Marscoin, a bitcoin alternative dedicated to the project of colonizing Mars and many space missions and projects that try to get us closer to this next big step for humanity, you will automatically participate in a serious boostraping effort to colonize Mars.

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A grass roots effort to lift humanity up.

In 2014 the Marscoin project with the help of its volunteers donated 400,000 Marscoins to MarsOne, a non-profit that attempts to build the first colony on Mars and 400,000 Marscoin to The Mars Society. With your help - by adopting/utilizing/trading/donating Marscoin - we will be able to help fund mankinds first colony on Mars simply by kickstarting the financial system of the future Martian colony. An increased value of Marscoin will mean increased financial means for these organizations.

One - hopefully very soon - day it will only take one volunteering Martian colonist to transfer the Marscoin blockchain on a simple USB stick to Mars and thus make our entire Marscoin blockchain history - including your efforts - the foundation of a growing Martian economy and history.

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Dr. Zubrin, Founder of the Mars Society

As I see it, there is three reasons why Mars should be the goal of our space program. In short it's for science, challenges and future...

If young people understood how doing well in school makes the rest of their life so much...

The Marscoin Blockchain

Our design philosophy observes the Blockchain revolution as it unfolds and picks the most successful features and applies them carefully to enhance the future backbone of a Martian crypto-asset based industry.


2 minute blockchain confirmations


48 Million hard limit. Austrian economics that benefit the savers and risk takers.

Open Source

Marscoin is open source and maintained by the Marscoin Foundation


Scrypt Hash (for now). Advanced features of Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash.


Online and offline wallets. Linux, Mac, Windows Android. Mobile and Desktop available.


Marscoin was born on the 1.1.2014 - It's one of the oldest altcoins with a huge following.


In order to join the Marscoin blockchain, download one of the following applications based on your needs

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Download your free Marscoin wallet and particiate in the growing Marscoin economy. Use Marscoin to send tips to your favorite websites. Use Marscoin to send money securly over the internet worldwide. If you like to purchase Marscoin for USD and other currencies help us get listed on a public exchange by casting your vote here.

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Boost the Marscoin network

If you volunteer computing power to the network you can earn Marscoins. Just dedicate some of your computer graphic card's usage to a Marscoin miner and help us keep the Marscoin network running. The Marscoin network will reward you with Marscoins for the work you put in.

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